Affordable Custom Sandblasting & Paint
is a division of Affordable Custom Contracting, a multifaceted solutions provider dedicated to providing our clients affordable building envelope services without sacrifice to quality. We believe that professionalism, reliability and safety are key to the success of every project, and we keep these beliefs a the heart of every project.

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Our team has the knowledge and skills to get the job done right. Call the professionals at Affordable Custom Sandblasting & Paint for your next painting project.


Clean and refinish surfaces, prep for paint and other treatments, etch and frost delicate surfaces and stop rust in it's tracks.


Stop leaks before they cause irreparable damage. Our professional waterproofing team eliminates cracks, holes and faults where water and moisture can seep through.


Caulking fills cracks, stops leaks, drafts and damage and provides an clean look and feel to the aesthetics of a room. 


Trust our team to apply flashing to your roof to stop leaks, protect your property from water damage, infestation, mold and more. 




Epoxy is a hard resin applied to protect surfaces from scratching, rusting and other damage. Not only does it look fantastic, it's easy to clean, can be non slip and is incredibly durable.

Affordable Custom Sandblasting & Paint is a division of Affordable Custom Contracting.
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